People Are Fallible

Given enough time, even the most pure among us will eventually succumb to temptation. When it comes to power over others, this is an unfortunate reality. Implementing policies that take into account the so-called “fallen” nature of man is a pragmatic approach required for any true positive change. If we do not allow our elected representatives the opportunity to fail the people by taking away
systemic incentives for corruption, perhaps we can again learn the lost art of the public servant.

Government is Out Of Control

Not to be alarmist, but it is “out of control” in two ways. First, to say that the government is fiscally irresponsible is an understatement. They practically defined the term. Second, government is no longer responsive to the electorate. Perhaps the best examples are the recent “bailout” scandals that are still occurring. When 95% of America disagreed with bankrupting the nation and saddling future generations with a $700 billion debt to bailout the lying fat cats who stole from the American people, congress voted to bail them out anyway. Not a sterling example of representative government. Our “City On A Hill” has become a bankrupt and corrupt palace for the global power brokers. Having become servants to foreign interests, it is time Americans took control of their government again.

Equal Access To Information

Free people work best in free markets. This is not a political stance; rather it is an economic fact. American ingenuity is “world famous”. It has been successful due in large part to the freedom it has enjoyed. However the free market can lead to some undesirable consequences. Every market needs some sort of management to establish a level playing field, specifically to ensure
equal access to information. Otherwise, the game can be fixed in favor of the party with “inside information”. Even the biggest gambling house in the world (the US stock market) requires some form of regulation. The US is technically a mixed market where the government owns the means of production where it is economically infeasible, inefficient or impractical for the free market to act. In any case, transparency in both pubic and private sectors is essential and needs to be codified in law. The basic idea championed here is that we all need a level playing field in order to compete.

Public Service Should Be Pervasive

The People will be better off if the task of governance is shared by a large number of people, preferably the entire electorate. This can be difficult to implement in a market economy, so there may need to be incentives to encourage people to participate.