American Consensus is based on a platform designed to influence public policy on a wide range of topics affecting Americans. It is a layman’s think tank focusing on formulating proposed solutions to social and economic issues, sometimes among widely conflicting views. The basic idea is to formulate consensus around issues that have become “gridlocked” when using traditional political means.

The primary problem in modern American politics is that
special interests have hijacked the political process to the point that they now completely control the political agenda. Through their insatiable greed, they have bankrupted this once mighty nation and “sold out” American interests even to foreign interests. Most Americans have stood by and watched this calamity occur trusting that in the end, it would all work out because it has in the past. Unfortunately, we underestimated the tenacity of this rapacious desire and the unending lust for power that feeds upon itself. Further, a headlong rush toward a global economy has exacerbated the situation because the approach from an American perspective has not been well thought out. Instead it has been controlled, again, by special interests. Contrary to lobbyist propaganda, special interests rarely, if ever, coincide with American interests.

The situation truly has reached a level where something must be done, or we risk facing the permanent decline of this great nation.