These may be grand ideas, but how can they be implemented? How will it be possible to turn this platform into a reality? To borrow a recent military strategy, we must first win the hearts and minds of the people. But again, how?

We have a two-prong approach. First, establish a platform that is palatable to the vast majority of as many political parties as possible (primarily Democrats, Republicans, Independents and Libertarians). Present this platform to the parties; get them to agree on implementing it. Of course this can only be done if a very large number of Americans support the platform. If we have the support of the people but the parties reject the platform, then it is time for a new political party – one based on consensus that intentionally avoids divisive issues.

Winning the people’s support is a task unto itself. It involves first winning support from cultural icons like television personalities, politicians and religious leaders of all (or at least the majority of) faiths. This is necessary to raise awareness of the movement. Secondly, this is a grass roots movement. As such, it will only succeed as individual citizens contribute whatever they can to its success.