Political Contributions

Why Should We Care about Political Contributions?
Political contributions are the primary reason that those with the most money dominate the American political agenda. It is nothing short of legalized bribery. These “dirty dollars” have become so influential that the average citizen no longer has any say whatsoever in the policies debated in the American political landscape. It has become an accepted practice to the tune of $3 billion per year.

Fundamentals: Political contributions are campaign and other political “donations” allowed by law. Although some attempts have been made to reign in the amounts of such bribe funds by individuals, they have ignored political action committees (PACs). Any idiot can see that political contributions really serve no purpose other than to distort the political process in favor of those with the most cash.

The Death Knell For Democracy
In 1976, the Supreme Court essentially ruled in favor of lobbying (Buckley v. Valeo). Worse, they ruled that corporations could do the same thing, basically ensuring that those with cash would perpetually rule the political landscape in the USA. Just think of the absurdity of the current law. That it's okay to bribe public officials in the name of "free speech". What does bribery have to do with speech? Couldn't corporations or anybody else still plead their case without bringing cash to the table??? To simply accept this is to be bound forever to the privilege of "the rich" over everyone else. That is not a democracy. It is economic tyranny.

A Government For Sale
Thomas Jefferson, Abe Lincoln and many others are turning over in their graves. To think that a country with so much promise would ultimately succumb to the simple notion of bribery is very disappointing indeed.

Reaching Across The Isle
Lobbyists have figured out that it pays to bribe both political parties, not just Republican ideologues. Further, work both houses of Congress. Says Robert Reich, “If they lose in one house of Congress, they might be able to win in the other and then prevail in conference committee”.

Is It a Conspiracy?
As tempting as it is to attribute the decline in US democracy toward supercapitalism as a vast conspiracy of multinationals colluding together against the American people, that’s not what’s going on. It’s really just a function of supply and demand. We the people have allowed the marketplace to spill over into politics. Lobbyists simply see the political process as an extension of the market battlefield. Unfortunately, so do our elected representatives. For example, it’s popular for legislators on Capital Hill to speak of issues as having “stakeholders” that include big business. This is nonsense. The ONLY valid stakeholder in any issue is the American public at large.

Why did the Supreme Court Rule In Favor Of Lobbying?
For the same reason they supported slavery. It is "settled law", but so was slavery before people changed that law. If we are going to resign ourselves to being a slothful electorate then we get what we have now - and it is what we deserve.