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Arguments For: Healthcare is a basic human need that should be affordable and available to all citizens of a free and prosperous society
Arguments Against: Healthcare is already available and government should have little if any role in how it is provided

Discussion Point: Suppose Universal Healthcare of some form were enabled.

Universal Healthcare is Socialized Medicine
Let the free market determine prices and availability of healthcare. That is the only way true innovation and quality will be realized. Currently, America has the best healthcare quality in the world. Don’t upset the apple cart. Universal healthcare will lower healthcare provider’s profits. As a result, there will be less innovation from R&D, less availability and lower quality.

Healthcare may be available, but it is NOT Affordable
Millions of Americans are without any healthcare at all because they simply cannot afford it. A family of four must pay over $1,200.00 per month for basic coverage. That’s more than a single person can earn making minimum wage working full time.

The “Free Market” has failed us with respect to Healthcare Availability
Actually, healthcare is NOT available to everyone, and not just because of cost. Insurance companies can drop coverage for various reasons and can refuse to cover “pre-existing conditions”. For example, what happens if your healthcare provider goes out of business? The answer is, you are simply “uninsurable” – unable to obtain healthcare for those “pre-existing conditions”. Since the free market failed, the government must step in.

Proposal: Here
Why this is a reasonable compromise: Coming Soon