Proposal: Eliminate H1B High Tech Visas That Threaten High Paying American Jobs

The fix is in. American technical jobs are threatened by existing H1 B programs. Proposed new legislation promises to make the situation worse. Instead, let the free market determine wages by eliminating all High-Tech Visas.


We don't start football games by spotting the other team a 95 point lead. That's what's going on here.

Traditionally high-paying American technical jobs are threatened by H1B programs and proposed new legislation that promises to make the current situation of high unemployment in the tech sector even worse. American companies want to pay less than the true market will bear for these jobs. So they lie and say they can't find qualified workers here in the US, therefore they simply "must" use foreign visas. For example, for the past two years Hewlett-Packard has been running fraudulent job ads whose primary intent is to NOT find qualified Americans to fill positions, but rather to demonstrate that "no qualified Americans are available" as a step in obtaining greencards for their temporary foreign workers. This fraudulent PERM recruitment is continuing even as HP is laying off qualified American software engineers. The Idaho Department of Labor, by running these sham ads, is now unwittingly a party to this fraud against U.S. workers.

It has gotten so bad that law firms are now giving classes to corporations training them on techniques for skirting the existing law, even as it stands. Don't believe me? Watch this:

Lawyers Teach How To Skirt Law To Facilitate Outsourcing

The negative repercussions of these kinds of "foreign subsidies" are widespread and devastating. They are responsible for the following:

Discouraging the current workforce - Families and marriages are negatively impacted when a highly qualified engineer can no longer pay their bills.
Tax revenues generated from these high-paying jobs are lost
The next generation of Americans are discouraged from entering technical fields - This is perhaps the most devastating consequence for our country in the future. It used to the the 3 high-paying fields were medicine, law, and engineering. It's now down to just medicine and law. Game over.

H1B and similar programs are really reverse tariffs that stack the deck against American workers in favor of large multi-national corporations.

Instead of working AGAINST American workers, work toward helping them. This is NOT a cry for labor unions and the like - it is simply an appeal to let the free market determine wages instead of special interests - especially when these interests directly conflict with the constitutional right of Americans to earn a living (the pursuit of happiness). Instead of hurting American workers, eliminate all High-Tech Visas which are really just corporate loopholes. If companies want to hire foreign workers, let them go through the normal channels for sponsoring immigrant workers. However, our government, who is supposed to be working for US, has NO BUSINESS fixing the game so American workers are at a HUGE disadvantage.

Currently, there are at least 16 bills (some hidden in committee) advocating an increase in H1B programs. These bills need to die:


Here is evidence of just some of the crooked congressmen supporting these bills:


Here is some more evidence where companies are bribing politicians to insource American jobs.

This sport is so popular, some governors have even gotten into the act:
As you can see, your elected representatives are hard at work trying to destroy your family's future.

Contrary to the manufactured arguments espoused above on behalf of large multi-national corporations,
there is only ONE reason the H1B high-tech visas exist: To lower the wages of American technical workers by allowing American companies to hire CHEAP FOREIGN LABOR.

Under the guise of increasing American "competitiveness", disingenuous legislators (and some misguided politicians) are pushing to expand the existing H1B family of laws (which have already lowered American's wages) even further. Politicians support this because large corporations like Microsoft, Google, etc. support their campaigns.

Truth be told, there is no shortage of qualified programmers, scientists, engineers and architects in America. In fact, there are nearly half a million unemployed and more underemployed programmers, engineers and architects in America. Corporate America saw their wages rising at an alarming rate, so they did something about it - they ran to their congressmen.

Make no mistake about it - this will be a tough battle. Unbelievably, the majority of congress and both presidential candidates support outsourcing and insourcing your jobs so this will be an uphill battle. Their relentless pursuit of introducing bill after bill supporting this should be cause for alarm and is indicative of the widespread corruption in Washington D.C.

It's time now for Americans to end this political tyranny and eliminate all such programs.

Key Facts

1. OUR OWN Government is WORKING HARD to REDUCE our wages

At its core, this situation is OUTRAGEOUS. We aren't asking the government to "help" us. We just want them to STOP HURTING US. It is impossible to make a decent living when an entrepreneur has both BIG BUSINESS AND BIG GOVERNMENT colluding against them. The largest users of these visas are Indian consulting firms. These firms do not create U.S. jobs - they are the conduit that is moving U.S. tech infrastructure overseas (outsourcing) as well as importing cheap labor here in the US (insourcing).

We know why the cowardly US corporations are pushing this, but why is our government supporting them? There can only be one answer to this question - they are on the take for "big business". The inexplicable support of many congressmen (like Republican Doug Lamborn of Colorado) for H1B visas is possibly the best example of government corruption available today. There simply is no other rational explanation.

FACT: Congress has authorized employers to sponsor and hire foreign workers regardless of whether qualified Americans are available to fill the positions. Employers can legally force Americans to train their foreign H-1b replacements as a condition of receiving a severance package.
FACT: Congress has authorized employers to bring foreign workers into the U.S. for one year while continuing to pay them their foreign wage level.
FACT: Congress has authorized employers to sponsor foreign workers for green cards by simply running a few classified ads and then to find any reason possible to disqualify all American applicants.

The US Government believes Americans are Dumber than Foreigners

The facts are that many foreign engineers are actually educated in the US. Well, so are American engineers. So if we buy the argument that foreign workers, trained here, are "more valuable" than American workers trained here, then we must believe that Americans are not as smart, right? Are we simply too dumb to compete with these foreign geniuses?

The facts are that Americans invented programming, and there is no one as good as Americans at programming. But there are those that are cheaper.

3. What are the facts? Let's ask the experts:
See Articles:
Huddled Masses Of Software Engineers - Robert Reich
How Guest Workers Promote Outsourcing - Ron Hira
Offshoring Silicon Valley - Steven Greenhouse

Subject Matter Experts and Organizational Allies

Programmer’s Guild
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Ron Hira, Rochester Institute of Technology:
"The technology industry has long complained about a systemic shortage of workers, but the only solution it offers is for the government to intervene in the labor market by ratcheting up guest-worker programs. Technology executives like Intel's Craig Barrett publicly lambaste our K-12 education system as a complete failure leading to an inadequate pipeline of American workers capable of doing technology. At the same time, his company aggressively plays one state government against another as it pursues property tax breaks when locating a facility. A more sensible set of solutions would be twofold. First, significantly increase investments in U.S. students and underemployed workers so they can fill these job openings. Second, let the market work. If technology workers are as scarce as companies claim, then wages would be bid up and talented workers would choose engineering instead of more lucrative and safe fields in finance, medicine or law.
A country with an effective labor-market policy would have no H-1B program at all."
August 6, 2007

Former US Labor Secretary Robert Reich:
"Bringing more foreign-born engineers here -- under an expanded H1-B visa program or a point system, for that matter -- will just depress wages even further."
June 7, 2007

Search You Tube for these Titles:
Lou Dobbs: Law Firm teaches how to avoid hiring Americans
Glenn Beck -- Cohen&Grigsby seminar 6/26/2007

Opponents' Lines of Attack

1. Lie #1: We Need High Tech Foreign Workers Because We can't Find Qualified Workers In America

The argument goes like this: We tried to find qualified workers, but there aren't any.

Rebuttal (The Truth): This is the lie Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and others have told congress. Having worked in this industry for nearly 30 years in both public and private sectors, nothing could be further from the truth. My personal experience is that some foreign workers are sloppy and careless. Just like all humans, we are actually the same. If Microsoft and Apple can't find qualified workers, they need to give me a call. I can IMMEDIATELY fill any openings they have with a few hundred thousand more than qualified American candidates. They are really good (far better than any cheap foreign labor), but they are NOT cheap.

2. Lie #2: Elimination of H1B Visas will Encourage More Outsourcing

The argument goes like this: If we allow American wages to rise to market levels, employers will then just go to other countries to do business.

Rebuttal (The Truth): So be it! Higher paying jobs for Americans will generate revenue here in the United States, where Americans live, pay taxes and buy things from other Americans. If companies want to outsource, that's bad enough, but in a free market, that's their prerogative. But the US government has no business in-sourcing!

3. Lie #3: These Foreign Workers are SO VALUABLE We Can't Do Without Them

The argument goes like this: Those who bring specialized education, entrepreneurial talent or capital will grow the American economy and make America a more prosperous country. Because of the enormous impact they have on our economy, we must give these valuable workers an incentive to stay in the U.S.

Rebuttal (The Truth): Huh? Exactly HOW do these workers "make America a more prosperous country"? Well, it probably does make the bottom line of the traitor American companies more attractive by making them more "cost effective". But the enormous cost to the loss of our technical superiority as a nation is devastating - and certainly not worth whatever phony "value" brought by foreigners.

Lie #4: Eliminating High Tech Visas is a Protectionist Policy at odds with the "Free Market".

Rebuttal (The Truth): Free markets have no government intervention at all. Here is a pretty accurate scholastic definition - "Business governed by the laws of supply and demand, not restrained by government interference, regulation or subsidy." H1B visas and the like are reverse subsidies created and enforced by government. How is this a "free market"? We USED TO have a free market before the US government stepped in and subsidized foreign workers on behalf of big business. So that's all this solution proposes - that the US government stop doing that.

In fact, H1B and H2B visas are the real protectionist policies - in favor of foreign workers and large multi-national corporations at the expense of American workers. It is government intervention seeking to "protect" rich companies from the "horrors" of having to pay their employees what the market will bear WITHOUT GOVERNMENT INTERVENTION. So it is actually reverse-protectionism!

Instead of being "star-struck" in their admiration for "superstars" like Bill Gates, congress should instead talk to ANYONE who has actually worked in the high tech industry. If they did, they would find a VERY different story where wages are actually FALLING and highly skilled Americans are being forced to train their cheap foreign counterparts to take their jobs. Some of this is due to outsourcing, which is actually another issue. But a significant amount of it is directly attributable to the subject H1b legislation.

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