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Arguments For: People have the right to influence government policy by any means in a free society
Arguments Against: The specific form of government influence of lobbying allows undue, disproportionate and sometimes secret influence of unaccountable special interest groups

Discussion Point: Suppose lobbying (campaign contributions) were outlawed.

Our Elected Official Do Not Have the Resources To Do Their Jobs
Lobbyists provide valuable resources aiding our elected officials in getting their work done.

Our Public Servants Do Not Serve The Public, Nor do they ever “Leave Office”
Here’s how it works: we elect a representative to represent us in government. They fly off to Washington and wine and dine, rub shoulders with well-off companies and foreign governments with virtually unlimited cash resources. The politician uses these special interest groups to formulate their agendas and to write laws benefiting those companies and their agendas (your agendas get lost in transit somehow). Your elected official then throws in some pork to bring back home to pretend they are “working for you”. Finally, when they get ready to “retire”, they leave office and go to work for lobbying companies at exorbitant salaries. They begin their new careers rubbing elbows with their friends who are still there and influencing the next batch of incoming freshmen congressmen on behalf of their multinational employers and the cycle continues.

It’s the Corruption, Stupid!!!!
The term “free market” should not be a synonym for “free to corrupt”. The richest nation in the world has the richest lobbying interests in the world. With over 33,000 registered lobbyists, not a soul among us can remain untainted when confronted with such a massive effort to persuade us with gifts. Now that this circumvention of democracy has been eliminated, there is hope for our country to again become a true representation of its constituents.

Proposal: Outlaw campaign contributions of all forms.
Why this is a reasonable compromise: Flatly stated, there is absolutely no legitimate use for lobbying from “the people’s” perspective.